Some Publications:

Books / chapters in books / Research Reports

Kulkarni, S. & Mitra, S. (2010). Management of Remote Mediation for Children’s Education over the Internet. In Z. Abas et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Global Learn Asia Pacific 2010 (pp. 2044-2049). AACE.

(2010). Kulkarni, Suneeta & Mitra, Sugata. The use of self organizing systems of learning for improving the quality of schooling for children in remote areas. Research Report. OGEF Project: Newcastle University

(2006). Processes of change in the lives of persons with intellectual disability: India. Inclusion International

(2002) Self Instructional Material for a course on Integrated Curriculum/ Education. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) New Delhi

(1998) Bal Vikasachi Olakh. Distance education material on child development (0 – 6 years, 14 units) in Marathi prepared for teachers and parents for the B. A. Psychology course - Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Mukta Vidyapeeth, Nashik

(1995). [Kulkarni, Sudha & Kulkarni, Suneeta] Responsible Parenthood & Harmonious Families Jaipur, Classic.

Articles etc.
(in press). Bringing up children with Psychiatric Illnesses. Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre Newsletter

(Oct. 2007). Empowerment through Understanding. Tamohar, Prism Foundation

(2006). Disability Research in India – The next 5 years. Where should we be headed? Childhood Disability Update

(2005). Supporting caregivers of persons with special needs: A strategy paper. Mumbai: Sir Ratan Tata Trusthttp://www.srtt.org/downloads/SuneetaKulkarniReportCaregivers_140605.pdf

Oct.2004 [Kulkarni, Suneeta & Oke, Meera] Inclusion: The real McCoy:Recommendations from a field perspective. In Seminar Papers: National Seminar on Management of Inclusive Education, NIEPA [National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration] New Delhi

(1999). AWMH Research Project: Report on Needs & Coping Strategies of Parents/Families of Mentally Disabled Individuals. Mumbai: (Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap) AWMH – Maharashtra

(1999). [Agashe, Mohan & Kulkarni, Suneeta]. Paryavaran Shikshan – Natyachya madhyamatun: Grips theatre che anubhav. The Green Teacher: Centre for Environmental Education [Environmental Education through the medium of theatre: the Grips theatre experience]

(1998) [Kulkarni, Suneeta &Hulikavi, Prasanna]. Peace and violence issues in children’s books: Indian Publications in the last decade. In Proceedings of the 26th Congress of the International Board on Books for Young People, New Delhi, India 20th -24th September 1998. New Delhi: Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children.

(1993). Rajagopalan, S.; Kulkarni, Suneeta; Thimothy, V.; Mahimwala, F.; & Bhojani, K. Content analysis and perceptions of parent education programmes of the Bombay Doordarshan. Media and Technology for Human Resource Development 5 (4), 301-307.

Kulkarni, Suneeta. (1992) Obstacles encountered in cross cultural counseling : An Indian viewpoint. In Quest of Bharatiya Shikshan. April 1992

Some Presentations

Processes of change leading to improvements in the lives of people with Intellectual disability. Inclusion International Study
At the National Workshops Bangalore, India. (Feb 2006). Cape Town, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya (July 2006), & Timisoara, Romania (September 2006).

(August 2004) Using experiences with computer kiosks for children: Starting points in learning Paper presented at F13 conference of CRCS NIIT, Pachmarhi

(January 1999) Parents Role in Integration Paper presented at Centre for Opportunities in Education and Rehabilitation (COER) Symposium Integration – A Way of Life, Pune

(October (1998) Home –School Partnership - A comment. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Indian Association for Preschool Education, Mumbai

(October, 1993) Evaluation of parent education programs as a function of the instructional techniques. Paper presented at the annual conference of the All India Association for Educational Technology, New Delhi.

(December, 1991). Using Assessment to help children develop their potential. Paper presented at ETCON – 91, annual Conference of the All India Association for Educational Technology, Bhubaneshwar.

(October (1989)Is the moon a decoration in the sky? (on enhancing creativity in children in ECE settings) Paper presented at the annual conference of the Indian Association for Preschool Education, Baroda