Parenting and related Interests:

I can't quite place when this interest began, but I do remember being teased as a very young girl on account of the number of dolls I had and the time I would spend 'taking care' of them! One of my favorite dolls was almost as large as me and given to me on 'bhaubeej' when I was all of 4 years old. Every time I look at some of the other dolls I have from my childhood [and that is 50 years down the line!], I think of 'him' and wish I hadn't given him away.

I guess I am fortunate that throughout my life and career I have been able to stay in touch with children and there is much I have learned from them.

Anyway, on the few occasions I get a chance I put it down in a blog. A lot more ideas...hopefully they will see the light of day sometime!

The blog is named ENVIRONMENTS FOR CHILDREN and can be accessed through the link below:

Occasionally, other people mention some of my activities, or carry a guest blog, report on the work I am doing. Here are a few links:

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