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Hon. Director: The Granny Cloud

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twitter: @suneeta
Facebook: Suneeta Kulkarni


  • § Ph.D. (Psychology) University of Mumbai 1996 [Assessment of Parent Needs in Various Sectors of Society in Bombay]
  • § M. S. (Educational Psychology/Personal Counseling) Texas A & M University, USA, 1980
  • § B. A. (Honors) Psychology, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, University of Bombay, 1977
  • § H. S. E (All India CBSE Board), 1974

Current Responsibility:

  • Hon. Director – The Granny Cloud [2009 onwards] A wiki to support the Granny Cloud and the SOLEs was created during the OGEF Newcastle University Project on the SOLEs. This was in use till the addition of a closed Facebook Group and the development of the School in the Cloud website through which Grannies [emediators], and SOLEs around the world were supported. The Granny Cloud is, and has always been, an entirely voluntary body and is now in the process of developing its own independent website. It now also has a public FaceBook page – The Granny Cloud
    . The Granny Cloud currently supports the School in the Cloud labs as well as many other independent locations worldwide [India/Greenland/Mexico/Colombia/Cambodia/USA/Jamaica].

Previous Work:
  • Research Director – School in the Cloud – TED Prize 2013 Project [2013 to Oct. 2016]. Responsibilities included assisting the Principal Investigator [Prof. Sugata Mitra] in designing the research including the development of the tools, as well as data generation and analysis, and implementing the project through the School in the Cloud labs based in India. Supporting the project worldwide through the website was another key responsibility. Funding for this project comes from the TED Prize Fund via Newcastle University.
  • Researcher - Project SOLE through SERSC, India 2010 to 2011 in rural Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India & urban Pune, Maharashtra, India 2012 to 2014.
  • Research Manager – Project SOLEs & SOMEs: 2007-2009. Funding for this project was through Newcastle University UK [Orient Global Education Fund],
  • Hon. Visiting Professor: (JPIP) Jnana Prabodhini Institute of Psychology, Pune. 2002 onwards. This involves being Research Advisor for Psychology & Education projects
  • Visiting Faculty: [SIMC] Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Lavale 2012 onwards. Research Guide Ph. D programme, SIU [Symbiosis International University]
  • Consultant: Sir Ratan Tata Trust – SRTT, Mumbai [Education & Mental Health - Inclusion in Practice Initiatives] 2004 – 2013, WCCL [research consultant on a project related to Arts Based Therapy] 2012-2013.
  • Visiting Faculty: Lalit Kala Kendra [Centre for Performing Arts], Univ. of Pune 2000-2012
  • National Coordinator: Multicentric Research Project on ‘Processes of Change in the Lives of Persons with Intellectual Disability’. Inclusion International & PARIVAAR – India 2005-2006. The research for this project was funded by Inclusion International

  • Reader: Dept. of Communication Media for Children, SNDT Women’s University, Pune 1996-2002. This involved teaching and guiding research at the Masters level
  • Faculty member: Dept. of Human Development, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai University 1981-1996.This involved teaching and guiding research at the Bachelors and Masters level
  • Student Advisor: USEFI (United States Educational Foundation in India) (Oct. ‘84 to Aug. ’85). This involved guidance & counselling for students wishing to study in the USA.

  • Principal Investigator Research Project - AWMH [Coping Strategies of Families with Mentally Disabled Individuals]: 1996-1997,

  • Other research Projects: NIIT [Hole in the Wall] 1999, NABP 2012

Select Articles related to SOLEs
  • Mitra, Sugata; Kulkarni, Suneeta & Stanfield, James. [June 2016] Learning at the Edge of Chaos: Self Organising Systems in Education, in H. Lees, N. Noddings (eds.), The Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-41291-1_15
  • Kulkarni, S. & Mitra, S. (2010). Management of Remote Mediation for Children’s Education over the Internet. Global Learn: Volume 2010, Issue 1. In Z. Abas et al 9Eds.) proceedings of Global Learn Asia Pacific 2010 pp 2044-2049. AACE.

Select Unpublished Material related to SOLEs & The Granny Cloud

  • Kulkarni, Suneeta & Mitra, Sugata. (2010).The use of self organizing systems of learning for improving the quality of schooling for children in remote areas. Unpublished Report of the research project for the School of ECLS, Newcastle University, UK. . The research report can be found at

Some other research publications

  • Kulkarni, S. (2006). Processes of change in the lives of persons with intellectual disability: India. Inclusion International
  • Kulkarni, S. (1999). AWMH Research Project: Report on Needs & Coping Strategies of Parents/Families of Mentally Disabled Individuals. Mumbai: (Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap) AWMH – Maharashtra, India

Other Earlier Work includes:

  • Research: for various organizations [e.g. Inclusion International – 2005-2006, AWMH – 1996-1997, NIIT [Hole in the Wall - 1999], Mediawise, NABP [Norwegian Association of the Blind & Partially Sighted - 2012]
  • Visiting Faculty: at various educational organizations from 1984 to 2015]: [e.g. Karve Institute of Social Services, Indira School of Communication, Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work]
  • Writing/Preparation of resource material: [web based & print] for parents/teachers [e.g. Maverickids, Super Junior Times], preparation of distance learning material [IGNOU, YCMOU], preparation of resource packs based on children’s plays [DATE / SNDT], video clips related to Parenting of Intellectually Disabled Children [Tathapi]
  • Counseling & Guidance: Guest psychologist on ETV program “Aata Bola” for parents on children, Teacher Training & Parent Guidance through schools & organizations. Areas include: Parenting Special Children, Promoting Development in Children of Varied Ages, Disciplining, Creativity, Family Dynamics, Adoption, Bibliotherapy, Therapeutic Uses of Media, Teaching/Training Methodology, Organizing & Monitoring Early Childhood Settings, Communication Skills, Parent Involvement, Assessment, Story Building & Drama Related Activities, Theatre, Study Habits, Self-Awareness, Career Guidance, Preparation For Marriage For Young Adults

  • Training: School personnel, trainers in banks & insurance companies
  • Chairperson: Subgroup on Assessment Issues across curricular areas – NCERT [National Council for Educational Research & Training], New Delhi - Project on Sourcebook on Learner Assessment for Elementary Education settings
  • Member – Project on Information Kiosks on disabilities, National Trust, GoI, New Delhi
  • Member: NEGAEE [National Expert Group Assessment in Elementary Education] NCERT
  • Member: Working Group on ‘Empowering the disabled’ 11th 5 Year Plan. Govt. of India
  • Guidance: Research Projects and Film Production of Graduate students, SNDT Women’s University
  • Visiting Fellowship at ECLS, Newcastle University, UK – 20th June – 6th July 2007

Some Other Publications:

Books / chapters in books / Research Reports
  • (2011). Manasshastra, samajshastra ani prayogkala [A text/workbook on Psychology, Sociology and the Performing Arts]. Lalit Kala Kendra. University of Pune.
  • (2006). Processes of change in the lives of persons with intellectual disability: India. Inclusion International
  • (2002) Self Instructional Material for a course on Integrated Curriculum/ Education. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) New Delhi
  • (1999). AWMH Research Project: Report on Needs & Coping Strategies of Parents/Families of Mentally Disabled Individuals. Mumbai: (Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap) AWMH – Maharashtra
  • (1998) Bal Vikasachi Olakh. Distance education material on child development (0 – 6 years, 14 units) in Marathi prepared for teachers and parents for the B. A. Psychology course - Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Mukta Vidyapeeth, Nashik
  • (1995). [Kulkarni, Sudha & Kulkarni, Suneeta] Responsible Parenthood & Harmonious Families Jaipur, Classic.

  • Kulkarni, S. (2016). Shikna sopa karto to shikshak (about the Changing Roles of Teachers) Palakneeti Year 16, Vol. 7 Oct-Nov 2016, pp. 18 – 21 [The English version of the article can be found at
  • Kulkarni, S. (2016). Anand ghadva…anand milwa – Suneeta Kulkarni yanchi mulakhat [Create Joy… gain joy – An interview given to Tathapi on the bringing up of a child with intellectual Disability] in Sharir Saksharta Sarvaansathi – matimand mula-mulinchya palak va shikshansathi [ Body literacy for All – for the parents and teachers of intellectually disabled persons]. Tathapi, Pune.
  • Kulkarni, S. (2015). Tantrajnana yugatil shikshanachi navi disha (New Directions in Education in the Technological Age) [Palakneeti Vol. 10, Feb. 2015 pp9-11]
  • Kulkarni, S. (2009). Bringing up children with Psychiatric Illnesses. Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre Newsletter
  • Kulkarni, S. & Mitra, S. (2010) Access & Quality in Self Organized Learning Environments
  • Kulkarni, S. (Nov. 2010). {Guest blog] Opening New Vistas.
  • ODL for Parents & Carers: Workshop CoL [Commonwealth of Learning] Conference
  • (Oct. 2007). Empowerment through Understanding. Tamohar, Prism Foundation
  • (2006). Disability Research in India – The next 5 years. Where should we be headed? Childhood Disability Update
  • (2005). Supporting caregivers of persons with special needs: A strategy paper. Mumbai: Sir Ratan Tata Trust
  • Oct.2004 [Kulkarni, Suneeta & Oke, Meera] Inclusion: The real McCoy: Recommendations from a field perspective. In Seminar Papers: National Seminar on Management of Inclusive Education, NIEPA [National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration] New Delhi
  • (1999). [Agashe, Mohan & Kulkarni, Suneeta]. Paryavaran Shikshan – Natyachya madhyamatun: Grips theatre che anubhav. The Green Teacher: Centre for Environmental Education [Environmental Education through the medium of theatre: the Grips theatre experience]
  • (1998) [Kulkarni, Suneeta & Hulikavi, Prasanna]. Peace and violence issues in children’s books: Indian Publications in the last decade. In Proceedings of the 26th Congress of the International Board on Books for Young People, New Delhi, India 20th -24th September 1998. New Delhi: Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children.
  • § (1993). Rajagopalan, S.; Kulkarni, Suneeta; Thimothy, V.; Mahimwala, F.; & Bhojani, K. Content analysis and perceptions of parent education programmes of the Bombay Doordarshan. Media and Technology for Human Resource Development 5 (4), 301-307.
  • § (1992) Obstacles encountered in cross cultural counseling : An Indian viewpoint. In Quest of Bharatiya Shikshan. April 1992